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” I’m a web marketing and social media specialist, I help businesses to build their digital strategy with efficiency and authenticity;”

Conviviality, enthusiasm and fulfilment,

3 words that sum up my personality and my professional style!

How was AJ Social Media created?

After studying applied statistics and working 10 years in the biggest firms as a direct marketing and communication executive, I decided to get into entrepreneurship with associates during my time expatriated in Switzerland in 2008.

I encountered the complexities of the internet and I have understood that the communication’s skills evolution was evolving very quickly and therefore I had to train to face the 2.0’s subtleties. Passionate about marketing and attracted by the social networks and the new tools of communication, I decided to further my education in this field and to apply these tools in order to develop our firm on the internet, and give it notoriety and business. A revelation which represented a real turning point in my career.

In 2012, with my heightened abilities in particular on the knowledge of the internet, I have decided to become self-employed as “independent consultant in digital marketing and social network: AJ Social Media is born”. My desire was to be able to work with passion, in a flexible way, whilst at the same time living a balanced family life.

I have worked closely with a digital agency in Geneva for 2 years, in order to fend for myself during a second expatriation in Singapore.

Today I help entrepreneurs to create and build up their digital strategy further in order to enable them to develop on the internet: accompanying them in setting up of an optimized website, SEO, development of their communication through the social networks, with the help of newsletters and blogs developed according to their goals and means. These tools make it possible for my customers to increase their visibility, their SEO and, hence, their business.

Yes I can help you!

Having experienced for myself the process of becoming an entrepreneur, by training myself to the 2.0 tools (and by continuing to do so!…), by working on web visibility issues daily for several years, by being close to the best specialists in this field, I am more than able to make you benefit from my wise and up to date expertise!

My goal?

For you to become independent in your increased digital visibility through my expertise, by advising you strategically and giving you access to the necessary and validated tools.


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I worked with Ariane Janis in order to develop my web strategy. She brought me not only some knowledge regarding the different social networks, but also more importantly made me discover and understand the subtleties of their use to develop my marketing strategy. Jérôme Deschamps

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