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Create your contents effectively with the right method and the best suited tools! Workshops will enable you to handle your contents and help to distinguish yourself from your competitors.

LIBERTY package



Invest in the Web for an efficient marketing content with the Liberty package!


If you are an entrepreneur who wishes to become engaged in web by setting up an efficient marketing content, I can help you to organize and to set up your content efficiently on social networks, newsletters, and blogs in order for you to save time, and for you to become higher ranked and obtain more clients.


Who is this package intended for?


If you are an entrepreneur and you understand the necessity of having a good web presence, your web ranking needs to be high enough to distinguish yourself from the competitors. You need to be organized and maintain an efficient management of your web content between the different social networks, newsletters and blogs… your difficulty is where to begin, which tools can help me regarding the automation of tasks and especially … which content to create and how not to spend too much time while doing so ? If you are aware of this kind of issues, this package is ideal for you.


Discover the accompanying options of the LIBERTYpackage:





Social networks workshop

Newsletter Workshop

Blog Workshop

 For 3 hours,  discover the web content strategy ideally suited for communicating on social networks – the specifications of each one and how to organize your work and set up an editorial calendar.

560 Chf 

(520 euros)

Newsletters are very efficient tools for your customer relationship and also to sell your services/products.  With a 2 hour workshop , discover which content you should provide in your newsletters and how to make the most of your newsletters.

380 Chf

(350 euros)

Blog is the ultimate tool for web content, the tool which will allow you to prove your expertise and boost your internet ranking of your website by increasing your visibility.

 During the 2 hour workshop , you will discover the art of blogging, be given examples of web content, an editorial calendar and learn about an efficient blog structure, but also which tools to use to make your life easier and help you save some precious time.

380 Chf

(350 euros)


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Benefit from a free 30 minute appraisal of your digital presence to assess the present state of your activity and start afresh with specific ways of development (or improvement) (5 spots available per month)!






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