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Create your own strategy to boost your visibility, enhance your referencing and get new clients.





The VISIBOOST package will enable you to create your own digital strategy even before starting!


Are you new to the web marketing field and do you need help to create your own strategy before launching your project? Or maybe you already have a digital presence and you need a more-in-depth study to develop further and get more customers. The VISIBOOST package is for you, containing 3 levels of approach to effectively define the relevant digital strategy which suits you the most.


Who is this package intended for?


Are you passionate about what you are doing and are you confronted by the challenge of the web with all its new tools which you have not mastered yet …
Are you hoping to produce a professional web marketing strategy which suits your marketing principles?
A solid internet marketing strategy will enable you to choose the right tools and know how and when to use them, as well as enable you to organize the statistical monitoring of your actions.

Take a step back to give you more clarity in order to see where and what you are lacking, what you have to improve, the essential steps your internet marketing has to follow in order to be more efficient and get you more customers.


If you recognize aspects of yourself here, this package will enable you to achieve a higher level of web development.


Discover VISIBOOST package!







I analyze your web presence and put forward my recommendations about the different tools you are using or should be using, how to use them and how to carry out your communication plan.

950 Chf

(880 euros)

Benefit from a one month follow up course once your digital strategy is in place. I will be available for answering any question you may have for 4 weeks (up to 3 hours).

1 250 Chf

(1 150 euros)

Benefit from my expertise, I will help you furthermore to set up the tools you want to use (setting up of accounts, of social networks pages, of newsletter templates).

1 650 Chf

(1 530 euros)


Do you need more information? Let’s get to know each other better!


Benefit from a free 30 minute appraisal of your digital presence to assess the present state of your activity and start afresh with specific ways of development (or improvement) (5 spots available per month)!






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