Make your web activity on the internet a success

Boost your digital visibility, enhance your SEO and develop your business!


The internet has now become an imperative form of communication. Individuals or brands who do not appear on the web are making an error however many entrepreneurs such as yourselves have now understood the immense potential in development that it can provide. This includes its use in an efficient and authentic manner, thanks to several tools, so that your website, your newsletters, your communication via the social networks and your blog, can take advantage of using them carefully, depending on your activity and your goals.

  • Are you an entrepreneur who is passionate about your work and who wishes to develop your business on the internet?
  • Do you need a push in the right direction to set up your internet marketing efficiently whilst saving time?
  • Are you amongst those who wish to master the various social network tools in order to make their brand stand out on the internet?
  • Have you already launched your business on social networks but have yet to see the results you desire?
  • Do you already have a website, but which has no clearly defined strategy and have you not yet achieved the sale increases that you desire?

There is a need to set up a specific digital strategy, introduce the content marketing principles and to adopt the use of tools to develop your communication ? You will save time and gain more customers!


You have come to the right place!

I will help you reach your goals and make your business take off. Together we will check your present activity and status in order to provide it with a solid base and provide the possibility of sustainable growth on the internet. Together we will develop the potential of your brand as well as your products and services’ potential.


I am offering you 3 consulting services depending on your requirements.






AUTONOMY package

LIBERTY package


Boost your digital visibility and enhance your SEO.

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Educate yourselves or your collegues of the use of web marketing tools. Thanks to our workshops, you will become self-reliant and comfortable with these essential tools.

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Create your contents effectively with the right method and the best suited tools! Workshops will enable you to handle your contents and help to distinguish yourself from your competitors.

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Manage your content marketing efficiently and save time!

VDo you need more information? Let’s meet up!


Benefit from a 30 minutes free appraisal of your digital presence to assess your present activity status and start afresh with specific ways of development (5 places available per month) !








My work methods are:


Before you choose the program best suited to your needs

I make sure your needs and goals are suitable to the package you have chosen. We implement clearly viable goals together depending on what you can afford as well as what is on your agenda.


I remain at your disposal for answering any questions that you may have during the mandate or if it is more appropriate I put you in contact with approved specialists in the areas where I do not have expert knowledge (website creation, SEO, Google Adwords campaigns)

Following this

I offer you one free session a month after the end of the choosen program, in order to review your progress. (worth : 250 Chf)




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