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Educate yourselves or your collegues of the use of web marketing tools. Thanks to our workshops, you will become self-reliant and comfortable with these essential tools.

 AUTONOMY package



Workshops which enable you to learn how to optimize your web presence! Discover the AUTONOMY package.


If you have decided to become an entrepreneur with an important web presence allow me to present you some workshops for your teams and yourself, so that you can learn how to use social networks, set up efficient newsletters which will allow you to sell your products or services, or even in order to help you to build a relevant blog which will increase your traffic and will enhance your web ranking.
If this is the case then the AUTONOMY package is made for you. Discover its 3 levels of approach which will answer your needs.

Who is this package appropriate for?


You are an entrepreneur or belong to a team using web-marketing tools. You need to increase the use of tools such as social networks, blogs and newsletters, and you would like to be educated in this.

A good knowledge and the know-how of these tools will provide better performance and efficiency!

If you recognize yourself in the above description, this package is perfectly suited to you!


Discover the accompanying options of the AUTONOMY package!




Social networks workshop:

Facebook, LinkedIN and Twitter

Blog and newsletters workshop

Blog, newsletters and social networks workshop

 During the 3 hour workshop , you will discover how social networks work, as well as all the keys for thieir efficient use.

560 Chf

(520 euros)

 During the 2 hour workshop  , you will learn everything about the art of blogging and creating newsletters that sell.

380 Chf

(350 euros)

 In the 3 hour sessions  , you will discover the complete eco-system of digital marketing and become independent in the use of various tools.

950 Chf

(880 euros)



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Benefit from a free first 30 minute appraisal of your digital presence in order to assess the present status of your activity for you to leave with concrete development actions (5 spots available per month!






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